Kinguin Lost Moon Clé Steam

Lost Moon Clé Steam Plateforme: Date de sortie: 26 sept 2015 À propos du jeu This is a platform game in metroidvania style that challenges you with puzzles, upgrades and action. Intro History Commander Trevor Allen is lost on a strange moon formed in a mysterious way, surrounded by hostile creatures, trying to unveil the secrets of ancient technology. He fights to stay alive, one day return home. Caractéristiques Hard Free exploration Mini games


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Kinguin War Remains: Dan Carlin Presents an Immersive Memory Steam CD

This is not a game. is history. Presented by Hardcore History ® legendary podcaster Dan Carlin, War Remains is an immersive VR experience that transports viewers into the nightmarish hellscape of Western Front of First World War. Witness unfold from a soldier's point of in this thought provoking, visceral experience. Step fire of The Front, one of most extreme battlefields in Experience annihilation of innocence caused by W...


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Kinguin Outlast Steam CD Key

Outlast Steam Gift Platform: Languages: EN DE FR IT ES RU Release Date: 04 09 2013 À propos du jeu: Hell is an experiment you can't survive in Outlast, a first person survival horror game developed by veterans of some of the biggest franchises in history. As investigative journalist Miles Upshur, explore Mount Massive Asylum and try to long enough to discover its terrible secret... if dare. Synopsis: In remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait


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Kinguin Game Dev Tycoon Clé Steam

Game Dev Tycoon Clé Steam Platforme: Date de sortie: 29.08.2013 À propos du jeu In you replay the history of gaming industry by starting your own video game development company in 80s. Create best selling games. Research new technologies and invent types. Become leader of market gain worldwide fans. Caractéristiques Start a in Design create Gain insights through reports technolo...


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Kinguin Wolfenstein Alt History Collection Steam CD Key

Comprend : Wolfenstein : Le Nouvel Ordre Wolfenstein: Le Vieux Sang II : Le Nouveau Colosse : Youngblood La Alt History Collection emmène les joueurs dans une aventure épique à travers sombre histoire alternative où nazis ont atteint la domination mondiale. Tirez, poignardez et tuez votre chemin à rangs quatre jeux acclamés par la critique de la franchise Wolfenstein. La collection vous permet de découvrir un récit...


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Kinguin Shadowgate Steam CD Key

Shadowgate Clé Steam Platforme: Langue: English Date de sortie: 21.08.2014 A propos du jeu Le est disponible uniquement en anglais! is one of the most well known and beloved point click adventure titles in gaming history. As of original in popular MacVenture series that went on to be celebrated on NES, GBC Nintendo 64, quickly endeared players with its fantastic atmospheric soundtrack, perilous locations to progress through, count...


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Kinguin Skautfold: Moonless Knight Steam CD Key

Exploration: Forge your own path in a single, deeply interconnected Metroidvania world. Shortcuts, loops, and a tightly woven await as explore the Imperial Palace; an ominous place with its intimate surroundings eldritch secrets that lie below. Uncover history of through environmental storytelling, piece together dark of first God Emperor Oda Nobunaga. Pick battles; features a semi open design multiple path...


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Kinguin Dark Deity Steam Altergift

Command legendary heroes to reshape a land fractured by broken oaths, reckless wars, secret arcane powers. The technological cultural achievements of a once great civilization now lie locked inside the ruins of ancient temples throughout world of Terrazael. Long after society's mighty history is snuffed by a powerful mysterious "Calamity", people of Etlan teeter on brink of total war. In a desperate attempt to bolster recruit ranks, King Varic of


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Kinguin Anno History Collection EU Uplay CD Key

Recevez quatre classiques bien aimés de la construction de villes et leurs extensions, entièrement mis à jour pour systèmes d'exploitation modernes avec des résolutions allant jusqu'à 4K. Profitez d'une variété d'améliorations dans chaque jeu tout en continuant vos jeux existants, grâce à la compatibilité totale sauvegardes. Comprend : 1602 après JC et son expansion Nouvelles îles, nouvelle aventure 1503 JC : Le Nouveau Monde et Treasures,


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Kinguin Europa Universalis IV Mandate of Heaven Content Pack EU Steam

The armies of the east get a shiny new look in Content Pack for Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven. Paradox's artists have dipped into their history books a fresh take on uniforms weaponry of China, Japan neighbors during early modern era. Asian Major Unit Pack:Ming, Qing, Korea army sprites all four eras Daimyo Pack:Twelve Japanese Daimyos unique to represent Northern Pack:New tribal d...


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